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How to Upgrade Your WPCode License

WPCode comes with multiple pricing plans for different types of users. You can unlock more features by upgrading your WPCode license.

Upgrading your license

1. First, you need to login to your WPCode account.

2. Once you are in, navigate to the Downloads area.

Click on Downloads in the WPCode account area

3. Next, click the Upgrade button next to your current Plan name on the Downloads page.

4. That will take you to the Upgrade pricing page where you’ll choose your new plan that you want to upgrade to by clicking the Upgrade button.

Click the Upgrade button for the plan you want

All upgrades are pro-rate, this means that the upgrade cose is the difference between the price of your new licenses and the current license. That price is also pro-rated by time.

More Info on Upgrades Pro-Rated Pricing

The pro-rated costs are calculated in this way:

When you upgrade, you pay just the difference between your current plan cost and the new plan cost. If the current plan costs $99 per year and the new plan is $149, you will pay just $50.

But that’s not all. The price is also pro-rated by time. This means that your renewal date stays the same, so if you only have 6 months left in your renewal, you will pay just half of the difference.

To go back to our example, if the difference in plans is $50 and you upgrade at 6 months after the initial purchase, you will only pay $25.

Refreshing your license in the plugin

After your upgrade if you don’t immediately see the new license level you have to go to the WPCode Settings page in your site’s WordPress admin.

Go to the WPCode Settings page

Click on the Deactivate Key button next to your License key field.

Next, paste your License key in the License Key field again and click the Verify Key button.

Click the verify key button

That’s it! Your license is now upgraded an you can start using your new license level benefits right away.

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