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WPCode is the best WordPress code snippets plugin. With support for multiple code types, automatic insert locations, advanced code revisions, smart tags, effortless conversion pixles setup and more, WPCode is the customization plugin that’s both EASY and POWERFUL.

WPCode is fast and offers the best support in the market. In short, this is the most beginner friendly WordPress plugin to future-proof your site.

Last but not least, you earn 20% of every sale which can be as much as about $79.80 per sale.

Below is the commission structure:

  • Basic License sells for $49.00 – you earn $9.80
  • Plus License sells for $99.00 – you earn $19.80
  • Pro License sells for $199.00 – you earn $39.80
  • Elite License sells for $399.00 – you earn $79.80

Affiliates are our partners, and we want them to make money. We do our best to ensure that our affiliates are earning the maximum amount per month.

Ready to make money with WPCode?

First thing you need to do is join our affiliate program.

We manually review and approve all affiliates, so it can take up to 72 hours before you get approved.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you read through our Affiliate Terms of Service.