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Search & Replace Everything

Improve your workflows and reduce the time it takes to manage your 
WordPress website with these advanced features

Search & Replace Text Across Your Database

Easily replace text in your whole database in an easy-to-use interface. 

  • Full support for serialized data
  • Database table picker
Search & Replace Everything interface

Always Preview Changes

Search & Replace Everything always shows you a preview of the changes that you will make in your database giving you full control before you commit.

  • Clear side-by-side comparison
  • See exactly what you change

1-click Search & Replace restore

Every time you replace text across your whole database, Search & Replace Everything will keep tabs on all those changes so that you can undo them.

  • See exactly what changes were made (and when)
  • Undo changes for peace of mind
Confirm that you want to undo the changes

Replace Image Sources

Did you ever upload the same image twice to your WordPress website and noticed previous versions just pile up and take up space? With Search & Replace Everything you can directly replace an image source file.

  • No more image-1.png, image-2.png, etc.
  • T

Direct Gutenberg Editor Integration

You can replace images from the media library but we also made it possible to replace them from the place you need it the most: the WordPress editor.

  • Replace images as you update your article
  • S

Start Improving Your Workflows Today

With Search & Replace Everything, managing content changes and saving space when having to upload images is easier than ever.