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Marketing Scripts & Conversion Pixels

Target all the relevant pages of your website with extreme precision using
ready-made locations and rules

eCommerce Auto-Insert Locations

Insert code directly in the relevant locations on your website by simply selecting them from a list instead of fiddling with code.

  • WPCode includes advanced auto-insert locations for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Display marketing messages or load tracking pixels precisely and don’t look back.

Advanced Conditional Logic Rules

Load scripts and snippets only in the relevant places of your funnel by leveraging the smart rules included in WPCode.

  • Precisely load scripts in any location but just on the right pages using conditional logic rules tailor-made for WooCommerce and EDD.
  • Target Checkout pages, Cart Pages, Account pages and more in an easy-to-use interface for all your marketing needs.

Display targeted marketing information

Combining our set of eCommerce-focused features you can easily create targeted campaigns that seamlessly integrate with your site. Highlight the most important features and offers where it matters most by leveraging WPCode’s advanced options.

I was able to replace FIVE other plugins using snippets in this plugin. Made my day!


Great Plugin, makes things easier. I use this plug-in on all my sites. Would not be without it.


Have been using this for a while and it works perfectly. Keep up the good work.


Explore all our Powerful Features

Here are all the features that make WPCode the best WordPress Code Manager

Ready-made Snippets Library

Save time by using over 100+ expert-approved snippets to add custom WordPress functionality.

Custom Code Snippets

Full support for custom PHP, JS, CSS, HTML, Text, and other types of custom code snippets.

Smart Conditional Logic

Load code snippets only when it matches specific conditions
such as logged-in user, specific page URL, etc.

Advanced Auto-Insert Locations

Automatically run code everywhere, or choose from options like before post content, only in header, etc.

Global Header & Footer Scripts

Easily add sitewide header & footer scripts, meta tags, and other conversion pixels on your site.

Safe Error Handling

Helps you prevent common code errors when adding custom snippets to ensure you never break your site.

WordPress Code Generators

Safely create custom code snippets by simply filling a form without having to worry about the code.

Ecommerce Conversion Pixels

Add conversion pixels for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads using precise locations and rules. 

Dynamic Content Elements

Reuse content across your site with custom shortcodes in an easy-to-use interface making content updates a breeze.

Reduce Number of Plugins

Reduce bloat and improve performance by replacing plugins with lightweight snippets from our library.

Save Snippets in Cloud

Your snippets can be safely saved in your private cloud and reused across all the websites you manage with ease.

Easy Code Management

Never worry about losing a snippet or making a mistake again when using WPCode to manage all the custom code for your website.

Get Started Today & Add Your Own Snippets

Future-proof your website with WPCode Snippets and improve the way you manage code across all your websites.

Even More Powerful Features

WPCode has all the features you need to future-proof your website with ease
and manage code snippets across all your sites

Code Snippets Library

You can replace tens of plugins with our ready-made code library.

  • 1-click snippet install
  • Expert-Approved Snippets
  • No more Copy-Paste
  • Reduce Clutter

Private Cloud Library

Save your snippets and reuse them across all your sites.

  • Create new sites faster
  • Perfect setup every time
  • All snippet settings are saved
  • No more functions.php

Advanced Revisions

Never worry about making changes to your snippets again.

  • Easily test settings
  • More than code changes
  • See who made the change
  • 1-click restore

Get Started Today & Add Your Own Snippets

Future-proof your website with WPCode Snippets and improve the way you manage code across all your websites.