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Conditional Logic Just Got 10X Better – Now You Have More Control Over Snippet Insertion

Conditional Logic Just Got 10X Better – Now You Have More Control Over Snippet Insertion 

Imagine you’re managing a content-rich website with diverse needs: some pages are designed to inform, some to entertain, and others to sell products or services. 

One common challenge is presenting the right functionality and content to the right user at the correct time without cluttering your site or overwhelming your visitors. 

That’s why WPCode offers you smart conditional logic and auto-insertion methods so that you can define which content loads when. 

In WPCode v2.1.8, we are expanding that support with more smart conditional logic and auto-insertion methods so you can go beyond what was already extraordinary. 

6 New Smart Conditional Logic Options For More Snippets Control

In our pursuit to give you total control over your website, we are introducing a few exciting smart conditional logic that lets you modify how content loads on your website.

6 new smart conditional logic

Chain Conditional Logic for Snippets: A highly requested feature is finally here! You can now control multiple snippets with a single master snippet. This means if one snippet is loaded, you can set conditions to load several others automatically. This powerful feature is perfect for users who need to manage ads or complex functionality on their sites without manually adjusting settings for each snippet.

Conditional Logic by Post/Page: You can now specifically target ads or other types of content to appear on certain posts or pages regardless of changes to the page slug. This ensures your most lucrative content always appears on its intended page, enhancing website experience and user relevance.

Browser-Specific Conditional Logic: Tailor your website’s functionality to the type of browser your visitor is using. This level of customization can significantly enhance user experience and content effectiveness. 

OS-Specific Conditional Logic: Extend your customization capabilities by targeting users based on their operating system. Whether it’s Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, or iOS, you can now tailor snippets to the OS, improving compatibility and user experience.

Conditional Logic Based on Cookie Name and Value: Introduce personalized experiences or conditional content based on the presence of specific cookies. This feature is invaluable for targeted marketing campaigns and enhancing user engagement. You have options for targeting either based on cookie name or cookie value. You can also do both! 

Please note: the conditional logic for operating systems, browser types, and cookies will only work as expected on pages that are not cached, such as the checkout page.

2 New Auto Insert Methods For Better Content Insertion

In this update, we are also introducing 2 new Auto Insert Methods that are specific to content so you can make your code snippets appear dynamically based on the content length. For more control and better results, combine it with conditional logic.

Brand new 2 auto-insertion methods

Insert Snippet After # Words: Expanding on our feature to insert snippets after a certain number of paragraphs or content, you can now insert snippets after a specified number of words. This granularity allows for even more strategic placement of ads or promotional offers within your content.

Insert Snippet Every # Words: A brand new Auto Insert Method that enables you to insert the same code snippets repeatedly after a certain number of words in the page/post content. This is invaluable for maintaining reader engagement while maximizing monetization opportunities through inserting affiliate links or calls to action. 

Example of snippet insertion after X number of words.

Summing Up

WPCode v2.1.8 is all about giving you more control over how code snippets load and behave on your website. We hope these new features provide you flexibility whether you’re looking to improve user experience, increase revenue through smarter ad placements, or simply make your site run more smoothly. 

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