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Add tracking scripts with ease on the right pages.

Ready-built snippet library to get started in minutes.

Easy-to-use conditional logic for improved targeting.

This plugin gives you everything and more!

We use all kinds of snippets on dozens of sites, so a good plugin for embedding them is essential for us. We’ve tried all the free and paid ones and from what I know, this one is the best.


The Swiss Knife of WordPress!

The ready-made code snippets library is a very powerful feature. Keep it up guys 👏

islamragab WordPress.org User
Absolute fan! Get rid of a lot of unnecessary plugins!

Absolute fan! Get rid of a lot of unnecessary plugins and boost your site to the moon

advertiseright WordPress.org User
Top Class!

In less time than I imagined, I got all the help I needed. I’m not used to writing reviews, but frankly, I had to recommend this plugin and the service that comes with it. I really don’t regret buying this plugin. Top Class! jm

falcolito WordPress.org User
Easy way to run useful functions

Instead of editing (and maintaining!) functions.php, you can select from a variety of very useful functions that you can run by simply toggling a switch. The nicest part is that you can see which function are active and which aren’t, and toggle them in either mode.

hadar WordPress.org User
Superb Code Snippets Plugin

I’ve found using this plugin so useful, especially the fact that there are so many useful snippets all ready to be installed using the plugin.

stevenwj WordPress.org User
Awesome WordPress Code Plugin

Works as it should, simple & beautiful interface. Has never given me any issues. Love the code library too.

brendaha WordPress.org User
Frustration Free!

After several frustrating weeks of researching the best way to inject JSON-LD within the tag of my WP site, I finally tried the plugin called WPCode Lite. I am now able to do the above without any problem. I am against using plugins as much as possible, but using WPCode is a no-brainer! Thank you WPCode!!!

derek1957 WordPress.org User
I could replace 3 or 4 plugin with only this one

Classic editor? Classic widgets? SVG support? Code snippets? Now I have this all and much more in a single plugin. It’s great!

Alex WordPress.org User
Really cool plugin

The snippet library and the ability to easily insert code into the header/footer distinguish this plugin from competitors

amk882kxx WordPress.org User
Helpful & Lightweight

Kudos to the developers for building such a robust plugin. Very straightforward and usefule!

EGates WordPress.org User
Simply the best!

Makes our lives as developers so much easier.

iballmedia WordPress.org User
Great and easy plugin!

What I love about this plugin that it gives you a lot of options in the free version and I can’t even imagine what it’ll give you in the PRO version!

Lari WordPress.org User

Very happy, does exactly as intended. Super easy to use, even for a beginner.

gracieforshaw WordPress.org User
Works perfectly!

I use this plugin on several sites, and it works flawlessly!

bcoy WordPress.org User

Thanx, made my life easier

lindalovelace WordPress.org User
Love this plugin

This is such a useful plugin! It makes it so much easier to include things on your website!

understoryliving WordPress.org User
Easy to use, quickly hand-on

The plugin is easy to use and simply get everything done!!

arbiger WordPress.org User
Solid plugin

Does what it needs to, integrates well with our other plugines

stuartie29 WordPress.org User
This is an Awesome Plugin!

Saves so much time. Simple but powerful!

wagnerg123 WordPress.org User
Works great!

I have had zero problems with this plugin. It’s intuitive and easy to use. Works perfectly. This has saved me a lot of time and headache.

almh WordPress.org User
Keeps Working

Been working great for years now. Good plugin. No problems.

stelmerfudd WordPress.org User
Fast and Easy!

this worked great right away.I need to place a Google authorization code and this did the trick.

dbgnvan WordPress.org User
Very useful Plugin

Very useful plugin. I recommend

davidwcox WordPress.org User
Does exactly what it says it will do

Insert Headers and Footers + Custom Code Snippets plugin does exactly what it says it will do. Easy Peasy.

lonndugan WordPress.org User
Looks and works great

Looks good, does what it says it does, what more can you ask?

paulrym WordPress.org User
Did the job

I needed it to enable some tracking code in my website…seems to do the job.

MiltonBC WordPress.org User
Love this plugin! Soooo helkpful!

I have been using Insert Headers and Footers and it is such a useful tool. Super helpful and the very best of its kind. Highly recommend

The_Gibble WordPress.org User

The best plugin to add headers, footers, and snippets. I have installed in all of my websites with no issues.

psychonet WordPress.org User

Exactly what we were looking for!

TomandBunny WordPress.org User
Excellent App for Agile Development

Great little plugging that saves time and makes adding header, footer or body code simple and straightforward so non-developers can do it. Excellent work thanks!

f9marketing WordPress.org User
clean look

clean look, easy to work with.

leksandsrundan WordPress.org User
Very Handy

Great little plugin. Simple interface, does exactly what I need.

AK Ted WordPress.org User
Exactly what was needed

Easy install, easy setup. Best!

yodeco WordPress.org User
Simple and fast

I dont want to mess with functions.php, this is perfect for simple stuff like google analytics.

Insectscorch WordPress.org User
Exactly What It Says

Does exactly what it says on the tin! No messing about just paste your code into either header or footer secton and save – Job Done!

Seb Alexander WordPress.org User
Great plugin

Used it to insert a footer for analytics purposes… works great. Checked google analytics after letting it run for a week, and it’s displaying accurate results, so the plugin seems to be working just fine. Super easy, thanks!

Grant Winney WordPress.org User
great plug in

quick and easy to use fantastic

Great app

Great app. Thank you!

khaak86 WordPress.org User
Love It!

The plugin makes it even better.

Justusgal WordPress.org User
Great plugin!

Nice. Clear, easy to use.

steevechwojko WordPress.org User
Simple and Effective

It works as expected. Little things but very important on it own way.

ugene WordPress.org User
Great plugin

Does what I need; recommend.

kabcisd WordPress.org User
Great Plug-in, makes things easier

I use this plug-in on all my sites. Would not be without it. Also WP-Beginner is always the site I go to, to help me fix things 🙂

elainehartless WordPress.org User
Works great never been an issue

The plugin is easy to use and works great; I don’t think I’ve ever really had an issue. I use this plugin across all my sites.

jjsan714 WordPress.org User
Fantastic Plugin

I was able to replace FIVE other plugins using snippets in this plugin. Made my day!

kwoodall WordPress.org User